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Dr. Eboni Freeman
DNP, APN, Co-Owner


     I am a board certified Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience in psychopharmacology and medication management. I have attended conferences with a variety of psychiatrists who are world leaders at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital.

     I specialize in the child population with emphasis on treating ADHD and mood disorders. I also treat adults with varied diagnoses including depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, PTSD and schizophrenia. I have extensive experience working within mental health acute care facilities, crisis management, emergency medicine, partial programming, acute child and adult inpatient care, addiction centers as well as outpatient care services.

     I believe in a comprehensive approach to mental health. I strive to treat my clients as experts with respect to identifying their symptoms and taking an active and collaborative role in achieving mental well being. I frequently hold workshops for those who are diagnosed with ADHD and their parents. I am also now offering genetic testing to predetermine your response to medication via 

Phone: (267) 455-2110

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